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All artworks copyright
Jay Dart 2009
Creative Commons License

Records EP

New works by Jay Dart
6 drawings on paper with board sleeve
12" x 12", 2019
watercolour pencil and pastel

Hold a record, leave a record.

Jay Dart’s Records EP series of drawings addresses the framing and cropping that occurs in the presentation of formal and informal oeuvres, from works of art to the feed of images on social media. In this case, rather than hiding or cropping out the thoughts & feelings & inspirations that swarm him during the process of creation, Dart is offering them as part of the experience of the work. Central compositions focus on themes of isolation, inundation and accumulation, and there relationship with mental health, physical surroundings in his rural home, and virtual online domains. Meanwhile, the accretion of marks, quotes, notes, and sketches on the borders reveal additional elements shaping the work and reflect the themes of accumulation and inundation.

Dart has always been interested in referencing the past as a way to make sense of contemporary modes of creation and communication. For this series, the drawings are formatted and framed within a sleeve in a way that is reminiscent of vinyl records – an antiquated technology that, like Instagram, also uses a square format of presentation. Interaction with the artwork is encouraged during the exhibition as you are invited to pick up a Record so long as you are willing to leave a record of your fingerprints on the sleeve. While a composition can be seen through a frame in the middle of the sleeve, the drawings can be pulled out to reveal the liner notes surrounding the central drawing that were apart of the process of creation. Dart is including these elements as a way to make sense of an overwhelming amount of information that swirls around him as well as to make an offering to the audience who experience the work in person, rather than through a mediated encounter.